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The Directorate of Geology & Mining deals with various minerals and transports them to the market for commodity sale. The department typically engages close to 30,000 Vehicles within the State of Uttar Pradesh with a similar number of Vehicles plying from other bordering states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. The project is aimed to prevent illegal transportation of minerals through defined 5 Check Gates and 6 Lanes. Our solution will enable the Directorate of Geology & Mining (department) to track the transportation of minerals through the defined 5 Check Gates. As part of the solution, a RFID Tag (UHF) will be installed on Vehicles (Total Qty. 30,000) which are being used for transporting minerals under the Geology & Mining Department.

The RFID Reader will be installed and commissioned at each defined Check Gate. When vehicles carrying the said minerals, will pass through the defined Check Gates all necessary information will be collected from the RFID Readers.

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